Green House Conspiracy (Documentary)

For those of you who still believe in global warming: I encourage you to watch this docu, which was broadcast in 1990(!). Almost 20 years later the debate is still going on and children are learning about the big problem of "global warming" in schools. Well, for some there isn't even a debate about it.

Detailed description:

"This documentary is a good companion to the latest documentary,"The Great Global Warming Swindle" recently shown on CH 4 UK and is available on Google video. The hoax of Global Warming / Green House was exposed 17 years ago by CH 4 UK in this documentary entitled Green House Conspiracy. Those who subscribe to the rubbish trotted out by Al Gore and his mindless followers are not new they were the same arse clowns who were telling us we were all going to freeze to death 30 years ago."

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