What would happen to planet earth if the human race were to suddenly disappear forever?
What would our planet look like after 1, 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000 or 10000 years after man? How much time does nature need to recapture the planet?

A very interesting documentary. Enjoy.

An interview I found in my 'archives' from early 2007: Coast2Coast host George Noory talks with Gregg Braden about the Divine matrix, the universe as a massive computer, how our emotions and feelings effect our reality and much more.

See also: 'Awakening to zero point'

A very very good film connecting the dots. Fine work Alex Jones.

Alex Jones talks about his new upcoming film "Fall of the Republic". The film will be a "quantum leap" compared to his former films. We are curiously waiting...the film will be released tomorrow, Oct 21st: