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Michael Tsarion updated

I chose "Michael Tsarion - The Mountain" as the THEME OF THIS BLOG. It's a beautiful metaphor.

Furthermore, there are excerpts of Michael's Irish Origins of Civilization Series available at google video.

Excerpt 1:

Excerpt 2:

"Michael Tsarion discusses the historical significance of ancient Ireland and takes us on a truly fascinating journey through time, from the Emerald Isle to Egypt and back again full circle. Along the way we are introduced to the Druids and also to their destroyers, the Atonists. We discover the origins of the world's most powerful secret societies and the New World Order they labor to create. We discover secret facts about the royal dynasties of Britain and Europe, the Empire of Rome, and about Masonic influence in America. Featuring over 560 illustrations, and rare source material, this DVD series dramatically revolutionizes our view of history and explains what can be done to combat the tyrannical forces that have long conspired to undermine truth, freedom and justice."

Earthlings (Documentary)

This documentary is not for the faint hearted. After seeing it, I felt depressed and mad. Mad at mankind's arrogance and coldness. We really raped this planet and its animals, its EARTHLINGS.

"People might hope that the meat they buy came from an animal who died without pain, but they don't really want to know about it."

"Normally, cows can live as long as twenty years, but milking cows generally die within four."

"Surely, if slaughterhouses had glass walls, would not all of us be vegetarians?"

"Of all the creatures ever made he (man) is the most detestable. He's the only creature that inflicts pain for sport, knowing it to be pain." (Mark Twain)

I highly recommend this four-hour video by Gregg Braden recorded in 1996. Although 13 years have passed, the things he talks about are absolutely up to date.

Detailed Description:

"We are going through a time of tremendous change.
Archaeological research and stunning visual evidence, Braden reveals the geophysical shifts predicted centuries ago – how the shift to "zero-point" influences our emotions, immune systems, and even our genetic code – and how each of us can use the Five Essene Tenets of Compassion to help trigger a new era for humankind. Are these the lost keys to the next phase of human evolution? Gregg Braden invites viewers to watch, listen, and decide for themselves – as he takes them on an unforgettable excursion Beyond Zero Point.”

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

"Creator of "The Invisibles" and "The Filth" Grant Morrison talks about his hashish induced alien encounter, the use of sigils to change the world, the nature of the individual and the future of the counter-culture."