Police State 3
Total Enslavement

"The United States government, at all levels has fallen under the control of the desperately wicked New World Order clan The events of Sept 11th mark the initiation of the final sick push of the illuminati to consolidate their one world order and transform earth into a prison planet. In over two and a half hours, Alex Jones chronicles in stunning detail the true character of the globalists. Learn the master plan of the blood-thirsty elite to financially, physically and spiritually imprison not only America but the world Other Search Word: Conspiracy."

Martial Law 9/11
Rise of the Police State

"Martial Law 9/11: Rise Of The Police State is documentary film maker Alex Jones' latest release and is considered by many to be his best work to date. The film documents what the modern day police state looks like as thousands of peaceful protesters are forcibly detained at a Guantanamo style detention camp called Pier 57 during the 2004 Republican National Convention. >> How multitudes of New Yorkers and others are fully aware of the fact that 9/11 was an inside job and are now actively exposing the people behind it. >> Why the collapse of Building 7 is potentially the biggest smoking gun indicating government involvement in 9/11. Alex returns to the scene of the crime to physically dissect why the official story can be nothing else but a fraud. >> How many of the RNC protesters are actually aiding what they claim to oppose by being deluded into thinking that a re-energization of the left will successfully counteract the Neo-Cons. Communists and socialists are confronted with the truth about the false left-right paradigm and their response only betrays their ignorance. >> The awful truth about Michael Moore, a man with basic honest intentions but also a man who has been carefully shepherded by the culture creators to pose as the orthodoxy milquetoast of the true story behind 9/11. How Moore stood at the front of the protest for his photo-op and then spent the rest of his time eating tacos. >> The occult and satanic underpinnings of the ruling elite families and how their oath to secret societies and each other makes a mockery of their counterfeit pseudo-loyalty to America and what it is supposed to stand for. >> Arnold Schwarzenegger's alarming and sordid past and why his intentions should unnerve us all in light of his fated future presidential run. A womanizing, egotistic, power-mad, imperious Nazi whose ideals are diametrically opposed to those represented by the founding fathers."


„Alex Jones' latest film covers in detail the proven history of government sponsored terrorism, and focuses on the 7/7 London bombings and 9/11."

Blueprint for Global Enslavement

"For the New World Order, a world government is just the beginning. Once in place they can engage their plan to exterminate 80% of the world's population, while enabling the "elites" to live forever with the aid of advanced technology. For the first time, crusading filmmaker ALEX JONES reveals their secret plan for humanity's extermination: Operation ENDGAME."

Truth Rising
The 9/11 Chronicles

" This is the new Alex Jones 9/11 documentary. It focuses on the passionate group of activists who are demanding answers from the government and other powerful and influential people. Please buy a copy from prisonplanet.tv if you have the means. Your support is what keeps all of this going. Either way, SPREAD TRUTH."

A small collection of videos which I'd call "John McCain exposed":

Star Scale of the Universe


Voices of truth

ECO Speech '92:

George Galloway vs U.S. Senate (5/17/05):

Human Rights Nightmare (by Hillel Neuer):


The videos „2012 – The History of Mankind“ and „The origins of evil“ clearly showed the profound and spiritual perception of Michael in relation to the subjects he talks about. And from my point of view this is absolutely necessary to understand our Society and the current power structure. In other words:” You need to look into the inside to understand the outside”. I think Michael is real philosopher and a servant of truth.

Since Michael offers so many free webstreams and interviews I want to post some of them.

Michael Tsarion and Jordan Maxwell Interview
(Coast2Coast Interview by George Noory)

Infowars.com Interview with Alex Jones

(Redice-Interview with Henrik Palmgren)

Sorcerers and Magicians

Michael Tsarion (Part1)

Michael Tsarion, born in Northern Ireland, is an expert on the occult histories of Ireland and America. He’s made the deepest researches into Atlantis, the origins of evil, and into the irish origins of civilization. Michael gives outstanding presentations on the following subjects:

> Atlantis& Pre-Historic Ages
> The Origins of Evil
> Ireland& the Druids
> Astro-Theology
> Secret Socities
> The War on Consciousness
> Subversive Use of Sacred Symbolism
> Symbol Literacy
> Psychic Vampirism
> The Western Magical Tradition
> The Hermetic Arts of Divination

Read the whole bio here: http://www.michaeltsarion.com/personalpages/whoismichael.html

Michael’s work embraces a vast spectrum, so it’s difficult to focus upon one subject.
His work features a profound view into the consciousness and psychology behind the manipulation and explains the present situation of mankind. Why are we being controlled? What is a hierarchy and why and how does it function? How is it possible for the few to control the many? And what is the secret of Selfhood? Are we just living in an ego-based superficially world in which it is a taboo to know and to be yourself?

Michael himself said:” I will never make that mistake to let consciousness outside the door.”

Here is a presentation which Michael gave in 2006 in L.A. For me this presentation was an absolute “eye-opener” to see things out of an other perspective. This presentation had about 1 Million views on google video. It’s over 3 hours long, but it is an absolute “MUST-SEE” in my view.

Title: 2012 – The Future of Mankind(2006):

Another video I’d like to post here is entitled “The origins of evil”. This presentation was given by Michael in 2005 at Conspiracy Con.

Title: The origins of evil(2005), Part 1 of 6:

I absolutely want to mention Michael’s Forum. This Forum is really striking. You can find there tons of free webstreams, interviews and information. Here’s the link to the MTSAR-Forum: http://www.redicecreations.com/mtsarforum/

His main website is http://www.michaeltsarion.com/

Bilderberg, Shadow Supergovernment:

Bilderberg-Group (wikipedia ):

"Bilderberg exposed"
Report from&with Alex Jones about the Bilderberg Group. "Bilderberg-Hunter" Jim Tucker, who is tracking the Bilderbergers for 30 years gets interviewed too.

List of Bilderberg attendees in 2008 in Chantilly, Virginia(USA) from June 5th. to 8th:


"Choice - the most basic freedom we have. How do our daily decisions affect climate change, poverty, globalisation, our consumption and other people? This moving documentary combines stunning footage and emotive music to take us on a journey through our innermost being and the consequences of the choices we make. Trying to paint an overall picture of the world which we share with the rest of humanity, this movie is an inspiring manifesto for change."