These are excerpts from an redicecreations radio interview from May 2007 entitled "Inquisitions old&new". If you are a subscribed member at redicecreations radio you will have access to the whole interview.

Michael Tsarion talks about the loss of selfhood, the slave/master realtionship and the sadistic and unfree man. What is a hierarchy and why and how does it work? Why are we in the mess we are in this world?
What is sane? What is insane?

I can not describe with words what value this interview for me (personally) has.
If we want to understand what is going on in the world externally, we have to go to ourselves and look inside ourselves.

We have to understand ourselves. Let fear and anger be your friends and teachers. Don't run away from them.

Thank you Michael Tsarion and redicecreations for this unique interview.