From the 2nd hour of the Sunday show on 08-08-2010


Here we go again. Alex just doesn’t seem to like these calls. I thought it was quite odd that this part is missing from the? Alex Jones’ channel upload for 08-08-2010 – what’s up with that? It was also extremely difficult to get from Prison Planet; there was no wmv for that day and the mp4 was jacked. Why doesn’t Alex cover Rod Class and friends serving 541 Congress members notice that they are doing buisness as a corporation and it’s going to be brought b4 the Hague? Alex always said to do our own research so I’m just asking questions here. By the way, the congress critters are all in default including Ron Paul. As much as I have always loved what Ron Paul has stood for, he works for the corporation. Why doesn’t Alex cover that?

Duration : 0:4:47

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