Carmen Boulter - The Pyramid Code, Band of Peace, The Migration of the Nile & Cosmic Cycles
August 17, 2010
We have author and filmmaker Carmen Boulter with us, who is from the University of Calgary in Canada, she is the producer of a new DVD called "The Pyramid Code" - a 5 hour, 5 part program that asks the pertinent questions that many of us have when it comes to the mysteries of the ancient land of Khemet. We talk about the DVD and discuss a lot of the fascinating areas and aspects that are covered in the documentary. Topics Discussed: Targeted for TV, The Pyramid Code, Abd'el Hakim Awyan, Abu Roach, Alchemy, Melted Glass, Underground Network Passageways, John Burke, Transmute the Atom, The Portal in 2012, Laurence Gardner, Granit, Casing Stones, Lime Stone, Machine, Insulated Wire, Breaking Apart the Atom, Granite Aquifers, Limestone Aquifers, Radon Gas, Quartz, Viktor Schauberger, Energy & Electricity, Different Mindset, Dreamtime, Ka-Ba, Ancient Science, The Band of Peace, Matriarchy & Patriarchy, Hatshepsut, Sacrifice, John Anthony West, Cycle, 2012, Cosmic Alignment, Waxing and Waving of culture and civilization, Belief, clean up the Mess, John Major Jenkins, Energy Shift, Doom and Gloom, Shadow Agenda, Thought Creation, Create Positive Change, Sun-Dog, Electric Conductivity of the Pyramids, Sirius, Sphinx, temple of Isis, Electric Pyramids, Secret Excavation, The Migration of the Nile and more. Don't miss our second hour with Carmen Boulter.

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