Bob Curran - Dark Fairies, Folklore, Spirits & Creatures
August 26, 2010
We're going to look at a lighter subject from a darker point of view today with author Bob Curran who joins us from Northern Ireland to discuss his book "Dark Fairies". He has been investigating the folkloric roots of the fairy kind, and looking myths and stories from around the world - on all kinds of creatures. This is not a book for those who believe that fairies are friendly, kindly creatures. In ancient times, the concept of fairies was rather different. They were the often-dangerous embodiment of the land, dark and unpredictable spirits that watched humanity with a envious and hostile eye. We talk about Spirits, Superstition, The Origins in the Northern Lands, Elementals, The People of the Mounds, possession and Sickness related to the phenomena of Spirits and Fairies. Topics Discuss: Folklore, Legends in Ireland, Norway, the Ancient Saga, Fairies, Racial Folk Memory, Real or Imaginary, Walt Disney, Oracle of Delphi, Vapours, Fatui, Spirits, Superstition, Christianity and the Church, Elementals, Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Satan, Death, Vampires, The People of the Mounds, Djinn, Possession, Sickness, Physical or Psychological, Changeling, Cottingley Fairies. It gets more and more interesting with Bob Curran in our next hour as we talk about earth lights, plasma phenomena, marsh gas, ball lights, the Brown mountain lights in North Carolina, Cherokee legend and Native American stories about these kinds of energies or spirits. We talk about our modern interpretation of fairies. Today we use words like UFO's and Grey's that come in the night and abduct people. The stories are the same but some of the names and our interpretation might have changed slightly. Don't miss hour two for much more.

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